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WordPress: find posts with ANY term in a given taxonomy

I was recently Googling around for an answer to this, and didn’t see that anyone posted this method, but here’s the gist. If you want to find out if a given post has a certain taxonomy, (not just a specific term, but ANY term in that taxonomy), you can use the function has_term (more in […]

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New videos from Yelapa, Mexico

Earlier this year I traveled to Puerto Vallarta to take part in a friend’s wedding. Looking to extend the trip, I stumbled across the beautiful Casas Santa Cruz, promising a “Swiss Family Robinson” style retreat about forty minutes down the coast via water taxi. After spending a week in a resort for the wedding, these […]


Adding single page “scrolling” navigation to your site

Adding “scrolling” navigation to your website can be helpful in a bunch of different scenarios. This tutorial show you how to use some popular jQuery plugins to easily add flexible nav options to your site. You can preview how this looks in the demo (opens in new tab). I’ve opted for an older version of his […]


Basic introduction to jQuery (Part 4)

Okay, this is the last part of the “intro to jQuery” tutorials… you can start with the previous tutorials if you’d like: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 This time, we’re going to round out the functionality of the pop-ups by adding an optional “close” button inside of the pop-up, and use some different […]