Servers down, lessons learned

My websites and email were down from the afternoon of Thurdsay August 1 to Sunday August 4. If you emailed any turnwall.com or hifinit.com email addresses, we likely did not receive it. I’m extremely sorry for any inconvenience, but we’re back up and running and you can direct all emails to alex@turnwall.com.


Boston’s Colonial Era Printer

While touring the Freedom Trail with some friends visiting Boston, I happened across the Printing Office of Edes & Gill, kitty-corner to the Old North Church. If you’re a typophile like myself, you should really check this out. Gary Gregory, the Master Printer that runs the shop, is bursting with excitement for type. After he let…


Saying Goodbye to your business

When Geoff House and I made the decision to close our joint design business, Hifinit Design Group, I posted the following on our site and sent this letter to some long-time clients and friends: Hifinit is closing up shop. To anyone that has worked with us, followed us, or come across our work, Thank you. Really, thank…


‘The Main Failing of Design School’, 25 years later

Edit: May 11, 2021—corrected link to original source article. As I made the transition from student to professional, I found myself returning to re-read a certain article, “The Main Failing Of Design School: Kids Can’t Think For Themselves,” by Michael Bierut (1988), perhaps as a way to reassure myself that I could, in fact, think…


Show hidden files (like htaccess) in Mac OS X

This method has been posted all over the place, but I haven’t found a good step-by-step walkthrough that explains how and why to show hidden files on a Mac. As my students frequently ask for it, I’m posting here to keep in a reference. Update Aug 2019: you can do it with a simple keyboard…


Gold Award for News@Northeastern

The News@Northeastern site that Geoff House and I designed and developed as Hifinit grabbed a Gold 2013 CASE Excellence Award in the category of Online News Sites. CASE may not be a big name in web design awards, but it is big deal in the world of higher education. From the CASE website: CASE District I annually bestows…


 /  HTML & CSS Basics Series

HTML & CSS Basics: An Introduction

Looking to learn about coding for the web? This series of posts will get you started doing just that. Start here to find out what you’ll need on your computer to get started writing your first lines of code and how the rest of the series works.


“Northeastern Creates!” Semi-annual Competition winner

My photograph series “Static Movement: Doolin” won the semi-annual Northeastern Creates! competition. The prints are being reformatted and will be featured larger-than-life as 12 foot tall prints on the face of a Northeastern building on Huntington Avenue in Boston! I was interviewed for an article at News@Northeastern, here’s an excerpt: Works of art that show­case…