All about relative and absolute links

Links are the building block of the internet—allowing everything to connect: all the pages on your website, your website to another website, a search engine to your site. They’re easy to make, but there are a few different types that you should know about that work slightly differently. Regardless of the type, links, when clicked, […]

Tech & Business

Living their brand promise: Outdoor Research

I spend lots of time thinking about brands—I’ve been hired by all types of organizations to help clarify exactly what their “brand” is, usually to kick off an identity design project or as part of a larger strategic planning or marketing exercise. It’s always relatively easy to illustrate to everyone in the room—from the CEO to […]


Basic styling with CSS: class vs. id (and anchor links)

In the last tutorial we created three simple HTML pages and linked them together, creating the (very basic) foundation for our soon-to-be awesome website. That foundation doesn’t look very good though—so in this tutorial we’re going to dress it up a bit. Before we can start coding our layouts, it’s useful to understand some basic […]


How does the internet work? Servers, hosting and domain names explained

This post is part two of the Web Development Basics series. Before we jump into coding, we’re going to take a look at a basic overview of how the internet works—if you understand this basic stuff, it’ll make it much easier for you to set up your own site. I’ve kept the explanations here intentionally […]


HTML & CSS: how they work together

This post builds off the previous tutorial What exactly is a website? An HTML overview in the Web Development Basics Series. You’ll need to grab the code from the previous post to follow along with the steps below. After completing the prior tutorial, we should have our first HTML file all ready to go. Now we want to start […]

Design, Updates

Byways site awarded ‘Web Pick of the Week’ by Communication Arts

I got a nice surprise in my inbox a few weeks back—an email from Communication Arts letting me know that they had chosen the Western Massachusetts Scenic Byways site as their “Web pick of the week”. Their interview captured some of my design intent nicely: “I hope visitors almost lose track of time as they […]


Public radio interview about Byways site

I was recently interviewed by Jim Levulis of WAMC Northeast Public Radio about my designs for the Western Massachusetts Scenic Byways site. You can read an excerpt and listen to the broadcast here. Here’s an excerpt talking about the site design and functionality: “A major part of the marketing campaign involves a new website loaded […]

Tech & Business, Updates

Servers down, lessons learned

My websites and email were down from the afternoon of Thurdsay August 1 to Sunday August 4. If you emailed any turnwall.com or hifinit.com email addresses, we likely did not receive it. I’m extremely sorry for any inconvenience, but we’re back up and running and you can direct all emails to alex@turnwall.com.


Boston’s Colonial Era Printer

While touring the Freedom Trail with some friends visiting Boston, I happened across the Printing Office of Edes & Gill, kitty-corner to the Old North Church. If you’re a typophile like myself, you should really check this out. Gary Gregory, the Master Printer that runs the shop, is bursting with excitement for type. After he let […]