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MA Scenic Byways

This website is part of a larger overall branding and marketing effort, including wayfinding, advertising, and events. I was invited onto the team to create an accompanying website—creating an experience that could live on as an immersive, educational experience, without the need to update content.

The resulting site is one of the more involved that I’ve been a part of and included working with dozens of local residents, policymakers, historians and business people on a site that attempts to be as expansive as the history of the region.

I was responsible for the creative direction and concept behind the site, as well as the design and development. Props to George Courage for the awesome illustration and Kris Bierfelt for the copywriting that makes the site worth exploring.

The project design has gotten some press and was already chosen by Communication Arts as a “Web Pick of the Week”!

Check it out at bywayswestmass.com.

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