I was recently interviewed by Jim Levulis of WAMC Northeast Public Radio about my designs for the Western Massachusetts Scenic Byways site. You can read an excerpt and listen to the broadcast here. Here’s an excerpt talking about the site design and functionality:

“A major part of the marketing campaign involves a new website loaded with interactive maps, photos, and resources for enjoying the byways. Site designer Alex Turnwall says this type of site allows users to virtually step foot inside the region.

‘By kind of being more interactive and a storytelling website, people spend a little more time getting to know what the region has to offer,’ said Turnwall.

Clicking on each tab shoots users to information on each roadway highlighting its heritage, activities, and attractions that Turnwall says many tourists overlook.

‘We focused on getting people from Albany, New York, Boston, and Hartford, Connecticut who might come to the region before but kind of only visited the large attractions,” he said. “So we’re kind of hoping to show people that the region has a bunch of hidden gems.'”

That was a funny thing—I didn’t actually know I was being interviewed for a radio broadcast beforehand—I thought I was just answering questions for a print article. I had bad reception and the call dropped out once! Oh well—the magic of radio editing made it sound okay.

Thanks for the coverage Jim!