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BevSpot Overview

Scaling a startup from prototype to over one thousand “smarter bars and restaurants”

Where does design fit in at a B2B SaaS company—especially when the customer is the (tech-laggard) food and beverage industry?

I joined BevSpot as the second employee and first management hire, walking into a seed-stage company that needed UI design and front-end code as a first priority.

Over the next three and a half years, I worked with some amazing folks to build a team of over 40 employees, through two rounds of V.C. funding, and helped bring modern software experiences to over one thousand bars and restaurants—helping them grow their businesses.

Below is a quick look at the many different forms that took.

My Role: I served as the Chief Design Officer at BevSpot from 2015-18, overseeing all UX, product design, and brand design.

The Team: Special thanks to a great design team, who each had a hand in designing something here: Cara McGrath, Cristina Silva, Matt Russo, Zack Labadie, Stephanie Lee, and Muigai Unaka. More thanks to the rest of the BevSpot crew, too many to name.

The Organization: BevSpot makes software for bars and restaurants to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

BevSpot is a product I’ve been trying to find for over a decade.” Craig—bar and restaurant owner, and proud BevSpot user

Content Marketing

A series of videos kicked off our social presence and supported gated downloadable content on the site.

Website & Blog

A heavily customized CMS, completely integrated with our SaaS product.

Help Center

The help-center shared content across the marketing site, blog, and product.

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