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Connected Proof

Envisioning the future of smart food and beverage production for more efficient and sustainable products


I worked on Connected Proof as a co-founder and “CEO” for about two years. All but 6 months was part-time work while consulting since we were bootstrapping it.

Our vision was to make low-cost IoT devices that would connect to a food or beverage producer’s existing equipment to enable the collection of real-time production metrics, which we’d then learn from over time to suggest ways to make production more efficient.

We got as far as deploying prototype hardware in a few different production facilities that are still up-and-running and collecting data.

In early 2021, we decided that the time isn’t right for Connected Proof’s business model, so we’re going into maintenance mode. That said, we learned a ton, shipped some really cool tech, and took away insights that we hope will allow us to transition this to a related product.

The design system represents my first real foray into hardware design, and I think the system we came up with for the hardware, touch-screen, web, and mobile controls is pretty cool—hopefully it’ll become the basis for another product.

You can check out the Connected Proof website.

Case study detailing UI system coming soon.

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