Case Study


Nudging students to success through thoughtful AI chatbots


AdmitHub originally hired me as a consultant to help tackle some tricky UX challenges involved with a front-end to train their proprietary AI model. I ended up staying for about 20 months, serving as Head of Design while helping them build a design system, process, and team.

During that time, the whole company worked incredibly hard to scale our platform to serve over a hundred new universities and other educational organizations, supporting tens of thousands of students, and enabling them to raise a respectable Series B (including strategic investments by Google and Salesforce) during the Covid pandemic.

The investment helped us quickly add new services to help universities adapt to remote learning and support and launch them at breakneck pace.

Every project is a team effort—but AdmitHub’s highly technical and specialized product meant that no one person could go it alone. Whatever product and design insights I contributed were amplified by the team.

Case study coming soon. For now, check out AdmitHub’s site.

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