A new identity for the largest creative writing center in New England, and the second-largest in the U.S.

While their organi­zation outgrew their old headquarters—GrubStreet found they were also outgrowing their original branding and identity. For a creative organi­zation with a quirky history, it was important to preserve aspects of the old identity moving forward, as it carried brand equity with students, investors and patrons. The lower-case “g” had to remain in the identity, all the better if it were incor­po­rated in a circle.

Although the resulting solutions seems an obvious choice now, it was the result of an intensive and lengthy process which sought feedback and help from many “Grubbies” in their community.

The resulting custom-drawn lower case “g” as well as the seemingly random (but well-refined and balanced) “scribble” yields a refined look to move forward with while still retaining some of the “messy” roots of the organi­zation that are so important to how they operate.

The refined word mark places emphasis on a modern “GrubStreet” (as opposed to Grub Street as two words), distances them from a similarly named organi­zation in different industry. Combined with new typog­raphy standards, they are able to maintain a strong brand identity even when the in-house interns need to churn out some collateral pieces.

Check out their site at GrubStreet.org, and look for a completely new web presence later in 2013, designed by my former Hifinit partner Geoff House and developed by the great team at YetiHQ.

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