Northeastern College of Arts, Media and Design multisite

Started at Hifinit, I merged 7 old sites running on a variety of content management systems (including a home-grown CMS, WordPress and Drupal), into a single WordPress multisite install that shares infor­mation between the College and all depart­ments and centers therein. A large part of this project was creating a custom events calendar system for the College, as well as utilizing native WordPress posts to create a news center that is updated daily and shared across the network of sites. I’ve also created an academic programs database and faculty/staff directory that can be shared amongst the schools and depart­ments.

Posts, Events, Academic Programs (Majors, minors, etc), and the Faculty/Staff can be generated by the depart­ments and shared at the umbrella College level, or vice-versa. This has cut down on prior dupli­cation of content, and helped increase SEO. In addition, we can roll out new College-themed websites quickly using standard templates, which can later be customized if necessary.

I continue to be the lead web designer and developer for the College, and manage updates and new features to the system.

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