HTML & CSS Basics: An Introduction

Looking to learn about coding for the web? This series of posts will get you started doing just that. Start here to find out what you’ll need on your computer to get started writing your first lines of code and how the rest of the series works.


How does the internet work? Servers, hosting and domain names explained

This post is part two of the Web Development Basics series. Before we jump into coding, we’re going to take a look at a basic overview of how the internet works—if you understand this basic stuff, it’ll make it much easier for you to set up your own site. I’ve kept the explanations here intentionally […]


What exactly is a website? An HTML overview

These are the basics you need to know to code your first web page! Create your first HTML file, learn about the structure all web pages need to work, and learn the basic HTML syntax.


HTML & CSS: how they work together

This post builds off the previous tutorial What exactly is a website? An HTML overview in the Web Development Basics Series. You’ll need to grab the code from the previous post to follow along with the steps below. After completing the prior tutorial, we should have our first HTML file all ready to go. Now we want to start […]


All about relative and absolute links

Links are the building block of the internet—allowing everything to connect: all the pages on your website, your website to another website, a search engine to your site. They’re easy to make, but there are a few different types that you should know about that work slightly differently. Regardless of the type, links, when clicked, […]


Basic styling with CSS: class vs. id (and anchor links)

In the last tutorial we created three simple HTML pages and linked them together, creating the (very basic) foundation for our soon-to-be awesome website. That foundation doesn’t look very good though—so in this tutorial we’re going to dress it up a bit. Before we can start coding our layouts, it’s useful to understand some basic […]


The Box Model: visualizing HTML & CSS

Finally! We’re going to get to the layout of the page and make it look like a website. In the past few tutorials, we’ve been exploring some of the HTML and CSS fundamentals needed to start this, and now we’re going to dig in. As of the last tutorial, you should have three HTML pages […]