About the Learn Section

I started the “Learn” section of my site to house some of the materials that I developed for courses I have taught at Northeastern University. As such, some of the tutorials may not be “complete”, as they are meant to augment classroom instruction.

Future goals, and why another “learn to code” site?

At some point, I hope to turn these tutorials into step-by-step series to lead the complete novice through designing and developing their own website. (When and if that actually happens? Well, we’ll see.)

There are a ton of resources about code and design online these days—many which I have used myself to get to when I am. But I think everyone learns a little bit differently, and there didn’t seem to be any start-to-finish “learn how to make a solid website” series for me anywhere. All of the info is out there, if you know where to look, but that’s the whole point: when you’re just getting started, you don’t know where to look.

I’ve attempted to bring all those resources together in one place, in addition to making my own series which start from scratch, and lead you all the way through building a solid hand-coded site.

Find any of these useful? Confusing?

I’m interested in hearing what people are still struggling with, so please shoot me an email with any suggestions. If you’re confused about any parts of the tutorials, I encourage you to leave a comment so that I can edit it to become more clear for everyone, or so I can answer a question for clarification in a way that others might see.

Hope you find this useful.