Portfolio Theme

I’m working on a free and open-source portfolio theme for WordPress called Unobtrusive. It should be launching around the beginning of September 2013, stay tuned. The release version should be hosted on the WordPress theme directory and the development versions will be on github.


I’ll also (eventually) be releasing typefaces that I have designed and formatted for use on the web, and in print. A few projects I have cooking:

Garalde Sans: a sans serif inspired by the original drawings of Garamond. Intended to compliment Garamonds, or work as a sans with the same legibility in long set text. 

Grub Sans: a sans serif forked from Garalde Sans, with a distinctly modern feel. Started for the identity work of GrubStreet.

Hampshire: a slab serif with a modern touch, inspired by the railroad identities that ventured West in the cowboy days.

Code Demos

I’ve built a few demos to accompany code tutorials for my classes. They’re free to use and re-use.