Talking to a giant tanker from a little plastic boat

It’s kayaking season here in New England, and as I was returning to the water this year I realized I needed to reacquaint myself with VHF radio usage. So I’m going to share this story from last summer in hopes that it helps some other kayakers in a similar situation, as I haven’t found a ton […]

Photo + Video

New videos from Yelapa, Mexico

Earlier this year I traveled to Puerto Vallarta to take part in a friend’s wedding. Looking to extend the trip, I stumbled across the beautiful Casas Santa Cruz, promising a “Swiss Family Robinson” style retreat about forty minutes down the coast via water taxi. After spending a week in a resort for the wedding, these […]


Paying homage to (or stealing from) your inspiration

I had an idea for the new version of my site: I was going to illus­trate objects using only HTML and CSS ( to show that I know how to do stuff with code), and make them look like they were neatly organized in a physical space* (which seems vaguely trendy) according to the under­lying grid […]


The Box Model: visualizing HTML & CSS

Finally! We’re going to get to the layout of the page and make it look like a website. In the past few tutorials, we’ve been exploring some of the HTML and CSS funda­mentals needed to start this, and now we’re going to dig in. As of the last tutorial, you should have three HTML pages […]


Laser-etched Tap Handles

I recently had the honor of being the best man in my best friend’s wedding, which is an occasion that calls for a unique gift. The groom and I are both pretty big into homebrewing, and he kegs, so my own fiancé recom­mended that I get him some tap handles.  Well, I couldn’t find any out there […]