Alex Turnwall

… is a designer and developer who is probably thinking about the future of human-computer inter­action, data visual­izations or WordPress at this very moment. He teaches inter­active design and web devel­opment at North­eastern University, and may be available for collab­o­ration.

Recent articles

Dear Google, you should make a Chromecast for music

Dear Google, I’ve been meaning to write you for a long time. You see, every now and then I have ideas for things you should make, or maybe ways to make existing things better. Sometimes, you actually surprise me by making something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. When this happens, like […]


How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb blog.

I’m normally not one for new years resolutions. I usually have my head so far down through the busy month of December that by the time the new year rolls around, I’m just happy to catch a breath before it starts all over again. Still, the new year happens to be a good time for […]


Cold calls and outsourced web design

I hate spam. I hate spammers. I hate getting emails for viagra, canadian meds, and oppor­tu­nities to embezzle millions in foreign currency. I hate these things almost as much as my dad hated getting telemar­keting calls when he “just sat down” at the pre-cellphone era dinner table. You know what’s worse? People cold calling specif­ically to […]


Living their brand promise: Outdoor Research

I spend lots of time thinking about brands—I’ve been hired by all types of organi­zations to help clarify exactly what their “brand” is, usually to kick off an identity design project or as part of a larger strategic planning or marketing exercise. It’s always relatively easy to illustrate to everyone in the room—from the CEO to the […]